Birthday Parties

Join us to celebrate your child's birthday. We have a variety of super fun projects that have chosen for their suitability for parties and major fun factor. 

We charge a base fee of $200 plus a fee per child depending on the project.


All guests must be comfortable using hot glue. We recommend these activites for kids 7 and over.  

For schedule availability or to to discuss options, please send us an email. 

Birthday Party Projects

We want to make sure that your birthday celebration is fun for everyone. 

The projects on this page have been tested with large groups and offer a good mix of fun and accessibility for inexperienced builders. 

Hexbug Habitats

This might be our best project ever and sends the fun meter right to the top. As an open ended project, kids are free to build to their abilities and imagination. We have an assortment of materials that can be used to create mazes, obstacles, doors, spinners, or whatever you can think of. We provide a hexbug for every habitat.


Popsicle stick Catapults

There is something about launching things into the air that is irresistible to kids. We originally came up with this project to compliment a medieval history lesson and it worked out so well it's now one of our favorites. We provide soft puffball projectiles to keep things sane. 


Glue Zoo

Are words even necessary here? These creations were made by various Kids Make Guelph makers and there have been many more. Don't stop with the insanely adorable Glue Zoo creatures. Craft a zoo for you creations. Or a habitat, or houses, or training circuits, or groomers or whatever you can think of.